Eating right and working ...

Here to help you help yourself and get a kick start on life again.

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I am putting this together to help some of my friends that are on the path of wanting to eat right and get on some type of workout routine. It's going to be work but if you are dedicated to it, then all your hard work will pay off.

It is all up to you to get the job done and love yourself enough to really make it happen. Help and be a positive role model for others to follow and work together to help others. Yet, even without the support, you do need to make sure you keep on track. If you miss a day or two, then fine, get back on track but make the falling off track less and less often. Eating, eat something bad here and there but make it less and less often. This is all up to you, lots of resources for you out there.

If you want, I'll be your help and guide you as a friend neither as a professional dietitian nor personal trainer. More of a guide in the right direction of your goals. Everything is at your own risk and up to you to do your research. I know you can do it if you want, need help that is normally and expected. Your family, friends, and myself are here to help keep you going and get you over the bumps in the road of fitness.

Before you work out, please make sure to think and be smart about how you are going to approach and do things. If you have not worked out before or it's been a long time, then you will have a longer period to get back into shape. Take your time; don't set yourself up for failure. Plan your day(s) so you can fit in your work out, eating right, mental time to relax, and just stay positive about your goal of being a healthier person.

If you are going to start working out, remember be true and honest to yourself. It will take time and it's hard but very do-able. What in life that is worthwhile is not hard and or takes effort. Your health and your family and friends health are well worth it. I say family and friends as you'd be the leader and lead by example. Hope other will follow your lead and start to live a healthier life style.

  • Plan your work out, 30 minutes a day, not doing the same thing every day but at least skipping a day.
  • Eat better, cut out processed foods/ drinks. Consume less calories per day to lose fat but make sure you do eat about 5 small healthy meals a day.
  • Before every work out, warm up for at least five minutes. Stretching, jumping jacks, walking, yoga, etc...
  • Be creative in your work outs, find ways to stretch and work out while doing things. Say watching TV; start doing sit ups and pushups during commercials or something.
  • If you skip a day, fine, just keep doing your routine as life happens but try to incorporate eating right and working out in your everyday life.
  • Define your goals too, write things down and be adaptive to change. Remember 80% of losing fat is eating right.

Note, some of the material has been from other sources and they have been referenced. This site is not for decimation but for personal use and not commercial use or for use for compensation.

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updated 7/8/11